Week 3

To Respond to Human Need by Loving Service

Opening Prayer: from Common Worship: Service and Prayers for the Church of England.

Almighty and everlasting God, by whose Spirit the whole body of the Church is governed and sanctified: hear our prayer which we offer for all your faithful people, that in their vocation and ministry they may serve you in holiness and truth to the glory of your name; through our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen.

To explore the relationships between vocation, hospitality, service and faith development while examining how in our discipleship we are both servants and saved.

Beginning with the text (20 minutes):

Mark 10:41-52
Read through once. What is the text about in one or two word answers?
Read it a second time with a different translation. What is Jesus saying to you with this text?
Read it a third time. What is Jesus calling you to do?

Getting into the text (20 minutes):

After Jesus comes down off of the mountain in Mark 9:2-7, the following two chapters are about Jesus being accompanied by his disciples as he teaches and heals.
Who are the people he heals in chapters 9 and 10?
Who are the people he teaches in chapters 9 and 10?
Who are the people he heals by teaching and teaches by healing?
Overall what is the pattern/what is going on in these chapters?

Moving to Action (10 minutes):

How does Mark 10:41-52 speak to us?
Does it remind you of anything that is happening or has happened within your community?
In what way does it encourage what is already happening in our community?
In what way does it call to question what we are doing?
Are we being called to reach out to new people or reach out in new ways?
What ministries or communities are already doing this? How can we support them?

Takeaway Questions:
What do I get out of responding to others’ needs?
How can I support what is already happening to our community in responding to others’ needs?


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