Week 2

To Teach, Baptise, and Nurture New Believers

Opening Prayer: from A Disciple’s Prayerbook, published by the Episcopal Church’s Native American Ministries Office.

Creator, we give you thanks for all you are and all you bring to us for our visit within your creation. In Jesus, you place the Gospel in the centre of this sacred circle through which all of creation is related. You show us the way to live a generous and compassionate life. Give us your strength to live together with respect and commitment as we grow in your spirit, for you are God, now and forever. Amen.

To explore the connection between Jesus’ teaching and his person, and to consider our role in the church’s mission to disciple new believers.

Beginning with the text (20 minutes):

Matthew 5:1-12
Read through once. What words or ideas did you hear?
Read it a second time. What is Jesus saying to you?
Read it a third time. What is Jesus calling you to do?

Getting into the text (20 minutes):

Where does the teaching happen in this congregation?
Think about an experience of a time of change or another event that provoked learning about faith.
What happened?
Which person/mentor/friend/book was particularly important to you at this point?
What did you learn? How was it taught?
Did it relate to one of the Beatitudes?

Moving to Action (10 minutes):

Reconsider the question: Where and when does the teaching take place in this congregation?
Consider it a little more deeply.
Who teaches? What is taught?
How can we support this learning environment?
What do we do well? What do we need to work on?

Takeaway Questions:
How can I support an environment of teaching and learning?
How can I incarnate the values and attitudes being taught?


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