Sermons by Date


Groaning is the Soundtrack of Creation” Proper 11A (7/23/17)

The Good Sower” Proper 10A (7/16/17)

Jesus’ Yoke of Love” Proper 9A (7/9/17)

The Comfort and the Challenge” Proper 7A (6/25/17)

The Blueprint” Trinity Sunday (6/11/17)

Can You Imagine That?” Pentecost (6/4/17)

Jesus Didn’t Say “Beam Me Up” Easter 7A (5/28/17)

Six Word Witness” Easter 6A (5/21/17)

One Particular Community” Easter 5A (5/14/17)

Baptism into the Fold” Easter 4A (5/7/17)

Seeing Through Doubt” Easter 3A (4/30/17)

Whom Are You Looking For?” Easter (4/16/17)

The Waters of Baptism” Easter Vigil (4/15/17)

The Last Supper” Maundy Thursday (4/13/17)

Four Horrible Words” Palm Sunday (4/9/17)

The Language of Embrace” Lent 5A (4/2/17)

Give Me This Water” Lent 3A (3/19/17)

Shattered Certainty” Lent 2A (3/12/17)

Industry Standard Temptation” Lent 1A (3/5/17)

True Purpose” Epiphany 7A (2/19/17)

What Kind of Life” Epiphany 6A (2/12/17)

God’s Glass” Epiphany 5A (2/5/17)

Fly Fishing for Christ” Epiphany 3A (1/22/17)

Baptism of Our Lord” Epiphany 1A (1/8/17)

The Heart’s Square Footage” Holy Name (1/1/17)


Made His Home” Christmas Eve (12/24/16)

The Faith of Joseph” Advent 4A (12/18/16)

Expect the Unexpected” Advent 3A (12/11/16)

Inconceivable” Advent 2A (12/4/16)

Revolutionary Good News” Proper 28C (11/13/16)

All the Faithful” All Saints C (11/6/16)

Our Response” Proper 24C (10/16/16)

The Gospel’s Only Thanks-Giver” Proper 23C (10/9/16)

God Cares About Everyone” Proper 21C (9/25/16)

The Dishonest Manager in All of Us” Proper 20C (9/18/16)

Being Found” Proper 19C (9/11/16)

Yesterday, Today, & Forever” Proper 17C (8/28/16)

Inadequacies” Proper 16C (8/21/16)

The Peace We Promise” Proper 15C (8/14/16)

Aiming for Heaven” Proper 14C (8/7/16)

Abundance & Generosity” Proper 13C (7/31/16)

Come, Lord Jesus” Easter 7C (5/8/16)

Revelation:The Good Parts Version” Easter 6C (5/1/16)

A Meditation on Psalm 23” Easter 4C (4/17/16)

Do You Love me?” Easter 3C (4/10/16)

Tag! You’re it.” Easter (3/27/16)

It is Finished.” Good Friday (3/25/16)

He Loved Them to the End” Maundy Thursday (3/24/16)

Passion Primer” Palm Sunday C (3/20/16)

The Unexpected Point” Lent 5C (3/13/16)

Running to Meet Us” Lent 4C (3/6/16)

Take Off Your Sandals” Lent 3C (2/28/16)

Temptations” Lent 1C (2/14/16)

The Cloud of Unknowing” Last Epiphany (2/7/16)

Hero to Zero” Epiphany 4C (1/31/16)

Trouble” Epiphany 3C (1/24/16)

You Can’t Touch Me” Epiphany 1C (1/10/16)

Jesus Among Us” Christmas 2C (1/3/2016)


These Holy Moments” Christmas 1C (12/27/2015)

The Other Side of the Story” Christmas Eve (12/24/2015)

Does She Mean Us?” Advent 4C (Sunday, 12/20/15)

Nobody’s Favorite Preacher” Advent 3C (Sunday, 12/13/15)

Sailing Through Advent” Advent 2C (Sunday, 12/6/15)

A Different Kind of King” Pentecost 29B (Sunday, 11/22/15)

Hannah’s Prayer” Pentecost 28B (Sunday, 11/15/15)

The Widow’s Mite” Pentecost 27B (Sunday, 11/8/15)

A Great Cloud of Witnesses” All Saints (Sunday, 11/1/2015)

No More Silence” Pentecost 25B (Sunday, 10/25/15)

Servanthood” Pentecost 24B (Sunday, 10/18/15)

Getting Close to God” Pentecost 23B (Sunday, 10/11/15)

Faith & Fear” Pentecost 20B (Sunday, 9/20/15)

A Wilderness of Names” Pentecost 19B (Sunday, 9/13/15)

Be Opened” Pentecost 18B (Sunday, 9/6/15)

But It’s Tradition!” Pentecost 17B (Sunday, 8/30/15)

Who Is This?” Pentecost 16B (Sunday, 8/23/15)

Ordinary Things” Pentecost 14B (Sunday, 8/9/15)

The Bread We Eat” Pentecost 13B (Sunday, 8/2/15)

Come to the Feast” Pentecost 12B (Sunday, 7/26/15)

The Rhythm of the Christian Life” Pentecost 11B (Sunday, 7/19/15)

The Antagonist” Pentecost 10B (Sunday, 7/12/15)

The Power of a Name” Pentecost 8B (Sunday, 6/28/15)

Who Are We to Question Our Power?” Pentecost 7B (Sunday, 6/21/15)

The Earth Shattering Seed” Pentecost 6B (Sunday, 6/14/15)

The Trinity and You” Trinity Sunday Year B (Sunday, 5/31/15)

Wool and Mutton” Easter 4B (Sunday, 4/26/15)

It is Finished” Good Friday Year B (Friday, 4/3/15)

What Makes You Happy?” Lent 5B (Sunday, 3/22/15)

Are You Tired?” Epiphany 5B (Sunday, 2/8/15)

Fabian, Bishop and Martyr of Rome” (Tuesday, 1/20/2015)


The Myth of the Extraordinary” Advent 4B (Sunday, 12/21/14)

Sheeps and Goats and Judgment, OH MY!” Pentecost 23A (Sunday, 11/23/14)

Truth, Wisdom, and Authority” St. James of Jerusalem Day (Thursday, 10/23/14)


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